Tuesday, May 30, 2006

8 mile easy slow

Last day of consolodation week. I picked a fairly challenging 8 miler, approx 25% off-road. I couldn't find my heart rate monitor so I ran to pace instead. I ran with a pack, about 3 kilos with one Raidlight water bottle.

Average Speed 5.8mpg
Average Pace 10:19 Minute Mile
Event Distance 8.06 miles
Total Time 1:22:41

Good Points
Comfortable run, good training pace

Bad Points & how to improve.
Need to find our how to secure the Raidlight water bottle to the rucksack properly. It sloshed around side to side and I ended up keeping my hand on it practically the whole way round. I need to play with the fasteners, I've obviously attached it incorrectly.
My left knee has been a little sore since Sunday, so I did not run on Tuesday. Hopefully it should be fine for tomorrow (Wednesday). I'll get Tuesdays session in on Thursday.

Month 4 of my training plan is identical to month 3 if you look back at the older posts.

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