Tuesday, May 09, 2006

10K Tough hot pace run II

I did the same 10k run as last week. For some reason it was a tiny bit shorter in distance. No idea why? It was almost the same warm temperature, 20C at the end of the run. This time I decided to keep at 8 minute mile for as long as I could, no faster, no slower.

Last Week: Today:
Distance: 6.24 miles 6.03 miles
Average Speed: 7.1 mph 7.2 mph
Average Pace: 8:21 mile 8:17 mile
Average Heart: 163 164
Time: 51:42 49:48

I kept to 8:03 minute miles for the first 3 miles. Slipped to 8.05 at miles, then really dropped off in the last 2 uphill miles and ended up with an 8:17 average. I felt really dehydrated again half way through. I'd taken on some liquid before I left, but again I should have been drinking all day really to compensate for the heat.

Also, I reigned myself in on the downhill from 2 - 3 miles. In retrospect I should have strided out a little more to improve the pace. It would have made up for the slow 1.5 mile climb home, and averaged out for a better pace and time. Worked hard though as the heart rate shows. I guess over the full distance I would have improved about 25 seconds on last week. I guess that's not too bad. Still I'm looking for more. I'm only likely to get 1 or 2 more 10k's in before the event on the 21st May, so i'll put some more effort in!

Good Points:
Slower overall pace improved overall time

Bad Points:
Dehydrated again caused loss of concentration and breathing pattern sometimes
Too slow on downhill

How to improve:
Stride out on the downhill but ease up again on the flat.
More fluid all day!

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