Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bupa Manchester 10k

Took part in this event on Sunday. I've posted the route above. I was running it with a friend, Dan, and we were running it together regardless of who ran slower. Dan has a good level of fitness and had no problem with the distance whatsoever, despite not training too much. I was hoping to finish in 50 mins, that's 8 minute mile pace. In the end we completed it in 50:47.

There were 25,000 runners! So it took a while to get up to speed, picking your way through people. Also parts of the course were narrow, and bottlenecks created. Half way through the race my average was only 8:24 min miles, so I had to pull back a lot of time. At 3Km to go we really picked up the pace and finished the race very quickly indeed, at around 8:03, so we pulled back an awful lot of time.

I was pleased with my performance and I stuck to my race plan. We took it steady, resisting the temptation to go too fast too early. Lots of people went out like a shot and were gasping at the side of the road about a few K; simple lack of experience. In the end I was so fresh that I could have probably picked up the pace a little sooner, but all in all I was happy. If I track down a photo of me form the event, I'll post it up.

I'm not sure I'd rush to enter another event as large as that, due to it being so crowded. I did however talk Dan into running a half marathon in August. There is one in Newark in Nottinghamshire on Sunday 13th which I plan to enter.

I did a 3 miles off-road run on Tuesday and I'll do another today. This week is consolodation, so no big mileage.

Total Distance: 6.3
Total Time: 50:47
Average Speed: 7.4mpg
Average Pace: 8:03 minute mile
Average Heart: 162

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