Sunday, May 14, 2006

13 Mile slow easy

I intended to do a 1 hour 50 minute run, which I guess would be around the 11 mile mark. I started near home and ran to Yarnfield, near Stone.

However, I didn't take along my PDA and GPS mapper, and got lost in some fields. Couldn't find the footpath, and ended up running back and forward trying to find ways over streams and barbed wire, here there and everywhere. In the end I backtracked and joined a road to complete my run, and ended up doing 13.25 miles. Ignore the time taken, as I lost of lot of time looking around puzzled and trying to negotiate fences!

The route was very challenging with some very long steep climbs. It was on the road except for the last 3 0r 4 miles, so tough on the joints.

At least I know I can run a half marathon now!


Total Distance: 13.25 miles
Average Speed: 5.6mpg
Average Pace: 10.40 minute miles
Total Time: 2:20
Average Heart: 137

I had some Achilles tendon pain on the route. I have returned home and iced it. I'll put a heel lift in my right shoe as well, to take the pressure off it. I'll do some soft tissue massage on it, and look to doing some strengthening exercises. It started hurting a little on the 10k I did earlier in the week. At least I haev identified it early and hopefully can prevent it getting much worse.

I'll take it very easy this week. I was going to anyway because of the 10K a week today, but now I'll probably rest up until Wednesday, maybe Thursday and just do 3 or 4 miles. I won't be walking Saturday of course. The run starts soon after 9am on Saturday, highlights on BBC2 on the 21st May (later that day). I've got a busy week travelling, and it's likely I won't be home until Friday afternoon. I will be working a couple of late nights, hope it doesn't interrupt my sleep too much.

Good Points:
The furthest I have every run.
Kept well hydrated with electrolyte. Sipping every 5 mins.

Bad Points.
Got lost and ran for half an hour more than intended.
Achilles pain
Some knee discomfort, but not serious

Hot to improve.
Rest and ice the uinjurys. Heel lift in shoes.
Take it easy this week, prepare ran plan for Sunday.
Get plenty of sleep, maybe some carb loading. It's only 10K I know, but I might as well practice some good pre-race nutrition!

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