Friday, June 23, 2006


Been 3 weeks since my last post. I did all usual runs no problems. Then I went on holiday a couple of times. Weekend in Ibiza, then 10 days in Canada (Rockies). I did some running in Canada, inevitably up mountains!

I did a 10K up Hospital Creek Trail in Golden, just 5K up the trail and then back. What made it interesting is that the owner of the lodge we were staying at made me take a 4ft stick she keeps, in case I encountered a bear!!

It was the most unnerving run I've ever had. Running up a fairly narrow and very steep trail, eyes searching the undergrowth for hungry bears.

I did another run up Sulpher Mountain in Banff. My girffriend and baby went in the hot springs and then caught the Gondola up, whilst I ran up the 6K hiking trail that zig-zags it's way to the top. If I remember correctly I gained 800M in that climb. I ran most but also walked some too. Lactic acid build up in my calfs sometimes, and slightly treacherous footing other times.

This week, back at home, I completed a 10K on Tuesday. 37 mins easy pace, 25 mins running intervals until I got home. Wednesday I did a steady pace 5 mile.

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