Monday, May 01, 2006

15 Mile walk

I did a 15 mile (well...14.9) walk on Saturday. The Route is posted above. The first few miles was along a canal bank, so virtually flat. Very slightly downhill infact. The route then turned onto the South Cheshire Way footpath for a little while, before I turned for home and made my way towards the highest local point, the Wedgwood monument (just to the right of the height chart on the map). I've taken a few photos (as seen above) of the monument as I approached. I spotted it about 6 miles away and it was almost a dot on the horizon (doubt you can see it in the furthest photo's, but it's in the centre!). If I had not known better I's have thought it was 10 miles away or more. Just shows how distance is deceptive. I imagine it's far worse in the desert!

The very first picture is the view from the top, looking towards Mow Cop, another famous local landmark. Built as a ruin, strangely.

I thought the Monument was for the famous local Wedgwood family (Pottery), but it turns out it was for a local man (probably related though) who was the owner of local mines. The monument was originally 4 times higher (see pic at the bottom of page on the 2nd link), but blew down in a storm in 1976 to be replaced with the smaller monument that stands today. The 2nd link gives information on some mining disasters near the site; mines that he owned.

Some info if you are interested.

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