Monday, May 08, 2006

9 mile Sunday run

Sundays slow-easy run yesterday. I picked a pretty tough route as you can see. When you live where I do, it's hilly everywhere to be honest. No chance of flat running. I stood firm on keeping my heart rate as low as possible, despite the big climbs. I slowed up even more to try and keep it down. It didn't peak any higher than 150 as a result. I was pleased with that.

My left knee ached quite a bit on the uphills. I may have to look into some extra attention for that. I know I have overuse injury on it through years of it bearing more weight. I'm not sure if I can strengthen it, or just treat it though?

Apart from that I found the run very easy. I wasn't at all tired and not out of breath at all when I finished.

Distance 9.20 miles
Total Time 94 mins
Average Pace 10.10 minute miles
Average Speed 5.9 mph
Average Heart 138

Good Points:
Found the distance easy.
Good breathing rythym

Bad Points:
Knee discomfort

Hot to Improve:
Speak to physio about how to tackle knee issues

Due to being so busy on Saturday I didn't have time to walk. I'll make sure I put in a good length walk this Saturday.

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