Thursday, May 04, 2006

10K Tough hot pace run & 5 mile easy

Just got back from a very tough 10K. You can see the route above. I've been travelling all over with work in the last couple of weeks, and driving all day is taking it's toll on me a little I think!

The first mile is undulating, but generally a small climb. From mile 1 to mile 4 it almost looks like a straight downback. In fact from 3.5 to 5 it's slightly uphill, so the elevation profile is a little misleading. The way home though is all uphill.

First things first, it was hot. The hottest day of the year so far. I didn't start running until 18:30 and it was still 25C. Even when I finished it was still 23C. Add to that a very strong horrible warm headwind from mile 1 to 4. It was so windy running downhill was a struggle. I'd estimate this must have cost me 30 seconds a mile. Only in the last half mile did I get any benefit from a tailwind either. How cruel!

I struck out trying to maintain a 7min 45sec mile. Too ambitious. Trying to maintain this with the headwind and heat really made me suffer. I pretty quickly realised I must have been dehydrated to start, foolishly I'd hardly taken on any liquid at all today, despite the heat. My kidneys are also aching a little, I'm not sure if that's dehydration or slight infection. I'll double up on cranberry juice tonight.

Even by mile 2 my pace was slipping and slipping until at 4 miles it was already at 8:08. Falling further on the final 2 mile climb home to 8:21. Very dissapointing, but lessons learned there. You can see from my heart rate that I worked hard. I struggled with breathing again as I got tired, moving from 3x3 to 2x2 and back, never quite happy. I think the dehydration was a big factor today. I got back covered in dried salt from sweating, and sat on the front lawn drinking fruit juice for 10 minutes to recover. Swiftly followed by a banana, more fruit juice, then a shower. I just weighed myself. 2 days ago I was 10 stone 7 ounces. Now, even after 1/2 litre of juice and a banana i'm 10st (and a quarter). I've had a stressful couple of days, coupled with a very hot run I think. Better drink a lot tonight and go and eat a lot too.

Distance: 6.24 miles
Average Speed: 7.1mph
Average Pace: 8:21 mile
Average Heart: 163
Time: 51:42

Good Points:
Hard workout in the heat and wind, albeit half the temperature of Morocco!

Bad Points:
Dehydrated to start with
Trying to maintain a 7:45 pace in the strong wind and heat
Breathing ragged

How to Improve
Maintain hydration throughout the day. Have to keep a bottle of water in the car, or at my desk
Should have settled on 8:00 minute mile throughout.

On tuesday this week, rather than 30 mins of endurance slow pace and 25 minutes of hill climb intervals, I decided to do an hour endurance. I picked a really nice woodland run and really took it very very easy. I ran for 62 minutes, but only covered 5.5 miles. This was to keep my heart rate low. It ended up averaging 133. There were a few climbs in there that peacked it out a little, otherwise I was very strict and kept to a slow easy pace to keep building my aerobic base.

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