Sunday, May 14, 2006

Final 10K pace before race

I completed my final 10K pace run on Tuesday this week. I won't be doing one next week, as I'm tapering a little before the event on the 21st.

I chose I slightly different route, the main aim being that I did not have a 2 mile climb for the last 2 miles. Choosing this route however, meant that when I finished I would have a 2 mile run home!

It was another warm day, about 20C. I had kept well hydrated all day, full to the brim. It really made a difference. I didn't feel thirsty once, and I felt comfortable throughout. I only decided to pick up the pace in the last 1/2 mile, whereas in hindsight I could have managed the whole last mile I felt so good.

I set out to do an 8 minute mile pace throughout, and kept it between 8:00 and 8:06 for the distance. I strided out on the downhills a little, learning from last time to make up for the climbs.

Finished the run, a full distance 10k, and felt really good and posted a good time. The heart rate was much better than last week too.


Total Distance: 6.225 Miles
Average Speed: 7.4mph
Average Pave: 8:03 minute mile
Total Time: 50:02
Average Heart: 154

I ran home at an easy pace afterwards, a further 2 miles. The following day I just ran a couple of fast miles to get some stats for V02 max. I didn't walk on Saturday, again because of next weeks event and also the big run on Sunday this week.

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