Thursday, June 28, 2007

July training and future plans

Above is my training plan for the next month. I've simplified the plan now from the format used for the last 18 months. I have reached a level where I am comfortable with my overall fitness, but want to start targetting specific areas. I'm certainly a long way from being as fit as I want to be for the MDS, but that extra fitness is going to come from some specific sessions. I'm including a weekly hill rep session. I usually pick a nearby hill that takes about 45 secs to run up, and do as many reps as I can force out of myself. It's a mile and a half jog to and from the hill, so I get a nice warm up and cool down too. I'm using two gym sessions a week to build up core stability and strength. On Saturday and Sunday I will stick more or less to what I have been doing. I will typically do an easy pace run for about an hour and a half on a Saturday, then a long run or run/walk on a Sunday.

I am aiming to do two LDWA events per month, every 2 or 3 weeks in other words. I will enter all of these as a runner probably. This being the case I will likely use the alternate week long session for a long walk for the purpose of recovery.

Like most people in these events, I will walk the steep uphills and run as much of the rest as I can. I am going to specifically target very hilly challenge events, starting this Sunday with the 25 mile Peakers Stroll in the Derbyshire Peak district, then 2 weeks later with the 27 mile Harden Hard'un which looks to have plenty of tough hill climbing. Three weeks later at the beginning of August I plan on doing the 26 mile Dovedale Dipper.

The more tough hill work I can do with my pack over the next year, the better!
I'm going to keep my pack weight around 5kg for most of the running events, and probably up it to 8kg for the alternate week walking routes. However, I'll let my body guide me on that, and review these weights in a couple of months time.

I want to do some hill work in the Lake District later in the year, and I am also possibly looking to do the national 3 peaks challenge in September or October.

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