Sunday, October 08, 2006

Todays run...walk

I did a 6 mile run today, although I walked probably a mile of it. I was perfectly fine up to just over 3 miles. At that point my knee starting aching. By 4 miles it was uncumfortable. By 5 miles I had already had to walk a couple of sections (hills). I struggled onto the end with a mixture of running and walking. As soon as I hit a hill I had to walk. It's amazing that as soon as I start walking, the pain subsides imediately. As soon as I got in I iced it for 15 minutes, as I did a few times today.

I also did my stretching and strengthening routing as below:
3 times a day
20 x Quad Muscle strengthen. Sitting on floor, one knee up. Other foot - toes pulled towards body, foot turned out to the right as far as possible. Leg raises
20 x Short Squat to Quad strengthen
5 x Short Squat towel Squeeze
2 x Standard Quad Stretch
5 x Classic ITBS Stretch
2 x Stepped ITBS Stretch
2 x Sitting, one leg straight, one bent leg over the other, grip leg and twist away
10 x 10 secs Glut medius strengthen. On Back knees raised, life bum up to make straight line down from knees, thru hip, to shoulders. Ensure using gluts.

Ice 15 minutes

Once a day: 400mg Ibuprofen

Hopefully I can build up my quad muscle and end this knee pain.

Back on the subject of the MDS, I found this article on the MDS website. Looks like next year New Balance are releasing an 'MDS shoe'. The interesting thing about them is that they are the 1100 OR trail shoes that I already use, just a different colour by the looks of it! Maybe there's a couple of other changes, but essentially this is what I've been using and been happy with for months. See the pic above.

That's it for this week. Hopefully I'll have better news next week.

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