Tuesday, April 01, 2008

857--stage 3 - 25 miles

brutal. absolutely brutal. was not well in the night, stomach. barely slept. had to start slow; whatever the map says the first 18 miles were dunes in blazing temps, only puncutated by a hard 300M climb. needed 30 mins at CP2 to pull myself together and 20 at cp3 to apply foot tape. realising I was well down from previous days I ran from cp3 to the finish and got back maybe 30 places. took me 8:10 just 2.9mph average. tomorrow is what it is all about; 47 miles including huge 1k 25 percent climb. thanks for messages they really help. send me good thoughts for tomorrow, it is going to be hell.

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1 comment:

Julian said...

Hi Rich,

I came across your blog today - well done on your performance in the MdS - I have a friend taking part no 662 - Phil Bailey.

The worst is over - and you will be laughing all the way to the finish line.....

Julian Curmi Malta