Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Legend in my own breakfast time

Well, I've made the transition from the printed word to the airwaves today. I got a call late yeserday afternoon asking if I would come in to BBC Radio Stoke for an interview on the Breakfast show. Of course I agreed, a golden opportunity to raise the profile of the sponsorship effort. The interview was only 6minutes long (it flew by and felt like less). I was a little nervy, but I think I just about carried it off ok.

So, here's what I sound like, in the unlikely event you've ever wondered! I hope this link works. Oh, don't ask me why I named it BBC Radio 1 interview when I saved it. I think it was a bit of wishful thinking!

I've got more news for you on the climate chamber, that I'll post up in the main weekly slot.

BBC Radio Stoke Interview link

Just need to make it onto TV now, for some serious coverage. Still working on that one.  I should have taken the oppotrunity to plug my tea shop company.   I run The Fine Tea Company Tea Shop, selling green tea, white tea and holding tea tasting days.  Missed opportunity there!  Ah well.


Dan said...

In all seriousness Rich. I work in PR and have access to loads of contacts at various radio shows and TV shows that I could furnish you with. Not sure your background or what you're doing already... but let me know and I'll see what I can dig up that may be of use!

MDS Rich said...

Hi Dan. I think the only possible interest from TV might be the local news programs in my region in the West Midlands so that maybe a little too niche for your contacts? The school I am raising money for has been badgering them I believe, but we've heard nothing back. I'm sure they get a million requests like this every day, so I'm probably in dream-land, but if I don't ask I won't get!

Dan said...

I'm a Brummie too Rich (Solihull)... let me see what I can dig out for you. I wont know them personally, but I can get hold of actual names, which might be a start.