Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tour de Esporta

It's not been a good week for adhering to the training plan. What I thought was a little foot niggle, is still a niggle. I am no nearer to establishing the cause, though tonight I'm wondering if it may be my Peroneal Tendon which is taught as compound bow string.

I am getting pain on the outside (underneath and on top) of my mid-foot when I walk. Nothing when I stand, but as my foot flex's I get quite a lot of pain. I'm hobbling still, a week after the event. I'll explain more in a minute.

I took Monday off training as usual, and went (limped into) to the gym on Tuesday. I did 30 minutes on the bike instead of 30 mins v02 max run. I did a hard hill session, ensuring I worked almost as hard as if I had run. I then did an hour stability and strength too. I saw my Friday gym-trainer Clive in the gym and he suggest it could me my strap ligament (I think that's what he said). He suggested I book in to see a sports injury/massage therapist which I did the next day.

So, on Wednesday it did feel a little better, but I went to see a sports massage therapist, and in all honesty it hasn't helped at all. I did explain the issue and he did find plenty on tight areas on both legs but nothing definitive. I decided I would try and do my scheduled run, which on reflection was foolish. I had an 8.5 mile route penned in, and almost turned back within 500m because it was hurting. However, it faded off after about a mile, so I continued. I had gone past a point on no return when the pain came back about 3 miles into the route. I took the best short cut I could and ended up doing 7 miles. On Thursday I paid the price, as I was hobbling worse than before. There was no question of me doing a 75 minute run, so I did 75 minutes in the gym on the bike. I did 50 minutes on the normal bike, level 12, random hill profile, then 25 minutes on the bike that seats you in a go-kart position. This was just to break up the boredom really. I can't remember how far I cycled, but it was over 20 miles.

On Friday I did my normal gym session, with emphasis on ankle strengthening again. On Saturday I decided to rest it totally, the foot still no better. Today, it's perhaps a little better, but certainly I can only walk short distances, so no running. I went to the gym at 6pm and did a 70km bike ride in 2 hours, random hill profile, varying levels 10-14. I felt this was suitable replacement for a 18 mile run, well, as near as I could get.

I did try and massage what I now know to be my Peroneal tendon this week, but all I ended up doing was giving myself a very sore foot and leg! I've looked up my leg anatomy tonight, and this is how I have identified that tendon. The red spots are where I get pain when I walk/run. It's all one tendon, so I think that must be the problem. I read that Peroneal Tendonitis is quite common.

I have a bottle of olive oil sitting next to me now, ready for another self torture session on that tendon when I have finished writing this. I've had done and am doing all the right things though. I should not have run in the week, but I have rested, taken ibuprofen and am working on ankle strengthening too.

Using the bike in the gym has been mind-numbingly boring this week. I've clocked up well over 100km, so this should ensure that I retain my cardio fitness, but there is no substitution for running really. I hope it gets better soon this week, or I could end up with another trip to see my Chiropractor uncle. I suspect I could well be doing more bike work though. I can't even use the cross trainer with my foot as it is, so it's bike or nothing.

I totted up my mileage on my current trainers to 325 miles. So, I am happy that worn shoes are not the cause, but I have ordered a couple more pairs to wear in as the current pair wear out. I have ordered the New Balance M1100MDS as usual, but also a pair of RX1441AT to trial. I'm interested in the design, with the ankle gaiter. They may be useless as far as keeping out sand is concerned, but they warrant a look.

I'll post up a full review of course. Have good week.

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Steph Cooke said...

Hi Rich, sounds as though you are still keeping up your fitness levels though.
I think I have decided against the Rotherham 50 as its much further than I've gone so far and still building up the running from the Achilles injury. I have the option of a half marathon that weekend instead which I might opt for.
I am going to aim for a 50 miler next spring time I think, there are a few in Strider.
Hope your tendon probs recover soon, I know how frustrating it can be!!