Thursday, August 02, 2007

Under the weather

Just a short update this one. I have been out for a run for the last 3 days, after taking Monday off as usual.

I've had the sniffles a little for the last few days. Not terrible, just a bit of a runny nose. I've obviously got some kind of cold virus, and my immune system is a bit low.

I did a 6 mile trail on Monday at moderate pace. It was tough going, tougher than usual. In fact tougher than it should have been. I just didn't have as much breath in me. I managed it, but it wasn't enjoyable. I should have taken that as sign as either had a day off or an easy day on Tuesday. Instead I did at 6.5 mile interval session. 10 minutes slow pace warm up, followed by intervals of 2 mins fast, 3 mins recovery. Once again this was on a trail route, so demanding but not too steep. Again, this wore me out more than it should and I was pleased to get home. Both days I was conscious of my hamstring. It was tight, but not too bad. I stretched it out a couple of times at stiles, and always afterwards.

It had been too tough. I decided I was run-down. I broke out the fizzy energy-booster vitamin sachet, and the zinc tablets. The only thing I could do now was to try and boost my immune system.

I woke today, Wednesday. The sniffles had gone to be replaced with a sore throat. I hit the vitamins and zinc again, and did another 6.5 mile trail run. This time it was all at a much slower pace; nice and easy. I'd say no more than 9.5 minute miles. The course was tougher underfoot, as well as elevation. I still felt tired too easily, but my hamstring wasn't as tight. Still, I could feel it wasn't right still.

Really I should have taken today off (and probably the two previous days!), but with resting last week you feel obliged to pick up again. Good sense tells me that with a healing hamstring and being run-down I should not even do the 26 mile Dovedale Dipper on Sunday. There are plenty of steep climbs (all in for 1250 metres) which is going to turn the screw on that hamstring. I'll do my gym session tomorrow, but rest up on Saturday and see how I feel.

I'll update this on Sunday evening more than likely.

Note to self: 300 miles on this pair on trainers so far.

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