Friday, June 23, 2006

Training Plan Month 5

I've entered month 5 of my training programme. I've now completed 4 months of base training, hopefully building a healthy and strong stable fitness base on which to build the rest of my programme. From here on in the running times, and hence distances, take a jump up. My longest run as you can see will be 2 hours and 25 minutes, on week 3. I estimate perhaps 15 miles at an easy pace.

This phase of the training still follows the same pattern of building up each week for 3 weeks, then a consolodation week. There is 4 months of this 'Intensity' phase. The first 2 months follow the biuld,build,build,consolodate pattern. All subsequent months follow hard/easy week, although the easy weeks will be by no means easy at this stage. I've now plotted out the entire year and i've factored in my longest run of 3 hours and 20 minutes to fall 5 weeks before the New York Marathon. This should give me plenty of time to recover. I'm going to try and train for a time of between 4 hours, and 4 hours minutes 15. I've got to remember that this marathon is only a stepping stone to bigger distances next year. If my sole goal was a marathon I'd be training to try and break 3 hours 30. That kind of time is not even on my horizon this year, I'm going to take this one steady, and keep to a rigid and disciplined pace. It's my first marathon too, so just completing it will be an acheivement.

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