Sunday, January 29, 2006

My ailments!


This week I had a sports therapy/massage session, as recommended by the makers of my orthotics and my trainer, to help me adjust to wearing them. I had the orthotics to hopefully cure some of the problems I have running. The bio analysis done when I had the orthotic made identified I have a short left leg. It's about 8mm shorter than the right one! This was a suprise to me and explains why I overpronate on my right foot. I also put 60% of my weight through my left leg. I get left knee pain when running and also at times I lose the feeling in my right foot after several miles of running. The loss of feeling looks to be 'back' related. I have a very slight scoliosis (curved spine) caused by the leg length difference it appears. I get quite a bit of lower back pain from time to time, but the chiropractor usually sorts it out. They usually cure the 'numb' right foot, which is something to do with the sciatic nerve. I'm hoping the orthotics will be a magc bullet and cure (or at least go a long way to cure) all these problems.

The sports therapist identified a lot of tightness in my back and legs. He concentrated on my back this week and wasted no time getting to work and sorting it out (ouch!!!). Afterwards I had lossened up considerably and was able to lie on my back and raise my legs far higher than before. I'd been suffering from tightness in the back on my legs (hamstring). It felt much better after the session. I'm going back on Tuesday to let him have a look at my legs. He did a few tests on my knees in this session though. My left knee was shown to be suffering overuse. I cannot tell you how much one of his tests hurt. I had to lie on my back straight and raise my left leg slightly. I then had to tense my quads as he pushed down on my kneecap. This was agony, and showed the overuse injury. I guess this is because I have been putting 60% of my weight on that side for the last 31 years! I've no idea what I can do about this right now, I'll ask on Tuesday next week.

I picked up some supplements which are widely used by runners with knee issues: Glucosamine & Chondriotin. I've not used them before, but some studies have shown they can help. Fingers crossed eh.

Ailments aside...on Friday I did 8x1min intervals, with a 1 min walk break in between, at the Gym on the treadmill. Alternating between 4mph walk for 1 minute, then up to approx 9mph for the interval. After the intervals I did my usual weekly strength session with my trainer Clive. This session typically lasts an hour and works on all the main muscle groups. I'm looking to be more focussed on leg extensions and curls, to build the right muscles for climbing hills (or even dunes!). I'm fairly flightly built at only 70kg but I can currently leg press about 230kg. In the past I've had it up to 260kg, so a little more work to do there.

I did 6 mile walk yesterday up to Mow Cop in Cheshire. It's quite a climb, especially when you have a 25lb baby in his rucksack on your back! I am going to make Saturday my weekly walking day. Eventually building up to some serious long distance walks.

On Sunday I ran 7 miles (easy pace). I felt very fresh afterwards, but didn't go any further as I want to stick to the marathon training schedule. Tomorrow's my rest day. See you next week!

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Brendan said...

Keep it going Rich. Watching yr progress from here in Melbourne Oz.