Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Marathon Programme

The marathon programme i'm following is from here:

As I said. I jumped in on Week 3 as i'm up to about 6 Miles already. I'm now on Week 4. I did the slow 6 mile on Sunday. Keeping my heart rate down to 75% proved difficult. 141bpm that would have been. In the end I settled for 145 - 150 when possible. As a result of running to that heart rate, the 6 miles took me about 66 minutes! Still, i really enjoyed the run. I actually got to look around and enjoy my surroundings whilst doing that easy pace. Normally I'm too tired to notice! I'll go for 7 miles this week, instead of 6 again.

[I subsequently ditched that programmme and formulated my own, which I posted on the blog each month for the next 2 years, starting here]

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