Wednesday, April 19, 2006

10k trial run

I decided to do a 10K run today, at pace, to train for the Manchester Bupa 10K that i'm entered in during May.

A week or two ago I managed 5 miles, running at 8:09 minute mile average.

Today I did a fraction over 6 miles, a couple of hundred short of 10k but who's counting!?

Stats as follows:

Average Pace: 8:01
Average Speed: 7.4mpg
Event Distance: 6.06 miles
Average Heart Rate: 158
Event Time: 48:09

So, I was pretty happy with that. I had been aiming to do 8 minute mile pace for the race, and that proves that I am capable of it about a month before the run.

On the day, it may be a different story as there are a lot of runners. Not sure how many exactly but I'd have thought over 10,000. That being the case it's likely that i'll get held up at the start until the field spreads out.
Nevertheless I'll give it a shot. I'm running with my friend Dan. He's been doing his own training. He's about 6 years younger than me so I'm certain he'll keep pace quite happily.

I didn't run Yesterday as I had an early flight up to Edinburgh, then a trip to Motherwell, followed by Dundee before going back to the airport - all before 3:30pm!

Then my flight got cancelled with a technical problem. Moved to the 9:15pm flight, only for that to be delayed an hour. Got back to Nottingham EMA airport at 11:00, and was home by 11:45pm. Needless to say I didn't fancy a run after a 19 hour day...

Gym on Friday, then usual training this weekend.

Speak soon.

Hit my target time of 8 minute miles over 10K

Not so good:
Breathing a little ragged towards the end, harder to keep up my 3x3 rythym, had to move to 2x2.

How I could improve:
Do a weekly 10k pace run to ensure I don't lose speed before the run
Concentrate on breathing even when tiring.

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