Sunday, February 19, 2006

New territory

Completed Tuesday's 5 mile and Wednesday 8 mile. Those two distances will be the staple for the new few weeks now.

Did an 11.5 mile walk on Saturday. It was a nice day, really enjoyed it. Used my Injinj toe socks. I'm impressed with them, but due to their being cloth around every toe it means than I'll probably need a slightly larger shoe, as after the 12 miles my little toes were beginning to rub.

I've been wearing my Raidlight rucksack since the start of this training, but usually empty for runs. I load it up a little for walks, with food and drink. A Railriders adventure top arrived for me this week too. These are used by a lot of competitors in the MDS. They are long sleeved and have buttons on the collar and cuff. You could probably wear one under a suit and get away with it! It's very comfortable, keeps you cool and most importantly has a slightly raised collar. This should keep the rucksack from rubbing against my neck as I load it up with more weight. Even running with just a few pounds you notice how the rucksack swings left to right with the natural running action.

I may go and see my Orthotic maker this week. I'm still getting a little discomfort in my left knee; well actually just below it now. It may be that I need a little more height adding to the left heel, or perhaps I just need shoes with a little more cushioning? I seem to have less of a problem when wearing my Inov8 Flyroc 310 trail shoes, than I do with my Saucony Grid (motion control) road shoes.

Sunday I got up early and completed the first 10 mile run of this schedule. All the distances from now on are new territory for me. I also took something to drink whilst I ran, for the first time. I was fine, had not stomach problems, so that's good news. I've got a couple of saddlebag's (1.5 Litre) arriving this week hopefully; they are Raidlight too - designed to fit in the rucksack and have tubes that feed through and up the straps to the top of the shoulder.

I'm going to have to either do a walk, or do my long run on Saturday as I'm doing a track day with my car next Sunday. Bye for now.

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